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Primarily in Turkey and the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, CIS countries, the Far East, and the Caribbean, we operate as a main contractor and investor in the construction, real estate, health, energy, and petrochemistry sectors.
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Electricity Sales

We provide low-cost electricity supply solutions for corporate customers with high electricity consumption throughout Türkiye. 

Electricity Supply Solutions 

Discounted Tariff: With the Discounted Tariff, electricity is supplied at a discount under the national tariff published by EMRA. You will benefit from a fixed discount throughout the contract. 

Fixed-Price Tariff:  With the Fixed-Price Tariff, electricity is supplied at a fixed price for the duration of the contract. Utilize Rönesans Enerji's fixed price advantage without being affected by increases made by EMRA to the national tariff throughout the contract. 

Flexible Tariff:
 Rönesans Enerji offers Flexible Tariff contracts for customers with high consumption and those seeking opportunities in wholesale markets. With this contract, customers can take advantage of opportunities in the Day-Ahead Market, Intraday Market, and Over-the-Counter Market. 

Your bill when you buy electricity from Rönesans Enerji 

You can use the link below to compare the bill sent to you when you make an electricity supply agreement with Rönesans Enerji with the national electricity tariff published by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority).  

Who qualifies as an eligible consumer?  

Businesses, households, and industrial organizations that exceed the annual free consumer limit set by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) can benefit from many advantages if they choose Rönesans Enerji as their electricity supplier. 

Final Source Supply Tariff

In accordance with the regulations outlined in the Communiqué on the Regulation of the Final Source Supply Tariff, published in the Official Gazette on January 20, 2018, under number 30307, starting from January 1, 2023, the tariff application for subscribers whose total consumption in 2022 exceeds 1 million kilowatt-hours will be conducted based on the Final Source Supply Tariff. The final source tariff price is determined by adding a profit margin to the sum of the weighted MCP (Market Clearing Price) average of the relevant month and the RESSUM (Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism) price.
Ulusal Tarife Rönesans Enerji
Aktif Enerji Tüketimi (kWh)
Birim Fiyat (TL/kWh)
İskonto Oranı %
Aktif Enerji Tüketim Bedeli (TL)
Dağıtım Bedeli (TL/kWh)
Belediye Tük. Vergisi (TL)
Toplam Tutar KDV Hariç (TL)
KDV (TL) 20%
Toplam Tutar KDV Dahil (TL)
Rapor Dönemi Tasarruf Tutarı (TL)
Rapor Dönemi Tasarruf Yüzdesi %

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