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Rönesans is a world-leading project development and construction group, building for a better society.
Primarily in Turkey and the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, CIS countries, the Far East, and the Caribbean, we operate as a main contractor and investor in the construction, real estate, health, energy, and petrochemistry sectors.
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100% Renewable Energy Portfolio

We are building a world where energy is produced exclusively from renewable sources. By relying on solar, wind, hydroelectric, and other clean energy sources, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener world for future generations. With 100% renewable energy, we are laying the foundations for a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable tomorrow.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

Environmental, Social, and Governance: Towards a Sustainable Future

ESG addresses globally significant and interconnected issues, enabling us to comprehend the challenges and opportunities humanity faces. These areas encompass fundamental elements such as the preservation of natural resources, the establishment of social justice, and the enhancement of effective governance.

Electricity Sales and Trading

Rönesans Elektrik Enerji Toptan Satış A.Ş. provides supply solutions to reduce electricity costs for corporate customers with high electricity consumption throughout Türkiye.

Green Energy Certificates

Certify that your business's electricity is sourced from green energy with Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as I-RECs. Stay one step ahead when it comes to international trade.

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To inquire and benefit from our services, you can fill out the application form or contact us at +90 312 840 15 50.