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Following its collaboration with TotalEnergies, Rönesans Enerji strategically invests 189 MW in wind energy.

23 August 2023
Rönesans Holding has initiated its first investment after the establishment of the partnership between Rönesans Enerji and TotalEnergies, a major player in the global energy sector. Rönesans Enerji is set to collaborate with Nordex Group, a leading company in the industry, on an 189 MW wind energy investment.
Rönesans Enerji, a subsidiary of Rönesans Holding known for its successful partnerships with organizations like the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), Paris-based infrastructure fund Meridiam, Japan-based trade giant Sojitz Corporation, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank which is shareholder in Rönesans, has entered into an agreement with Germany-based Nordex Group for an 189 MW wind energy investment in Türkiye. 
Extending its influence beyond contracting and investment, Rönesans Holding is continuously expanding its presence in the energy sector, particularly in renewable energy—a focused area for strategic growth. Positioned to lead Türkiye's green transformation, Rönesans Enerji, a key subsidiary within the group, has solidified an agreement with Nordex Group, a premier provider of renewable energy equipment.This partnership marks the realization of Rönesans Enerji's inaugural investment after the establishment of its collaboration with TotalEnergies, a global energy heavyweight. With a robust plan to invest 2 GW in renewable energy within Türkiye over the next 5 years, Rönesans Enerji is set to embark on its first venture, an 189 MW wind energy project, in collaboration with Nordex Group. 
Nordex Enerji A.Ş. Türkiye has maintained its position as the market leader since 2017, boasting an installed capacity exceeding 3,583 MW, with an additional 917 MW of wind capacity currently under construction. In alignment with this collaboration, Nordex Enerji has inked agreements for three projects with Germany-based Heitkamp Industrial Solutions GmbH, also operating under the Rönesans Holding umbrella. The contract entails the supply of 27 N163/6.x type wind turbines, each standing at a height of 113 meters with a rotor diameter of 163 meters, for the three projects. These projects, integral to the Renewable Energy Resource Area (YEKA) model for Rönesans Enerji, were part of the YEKA WPP-3 tender. 
Heitkamp Industrial Solutions GmbH, renowned for its substantial achievement in constructing the Gotthard Base, the world's longest and deepest railway tunnel, will serve as the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor on behalf of Rönesans Enerji for these projects. Taking the lead as the primary contractor, Heitkamp will oversee the civil and electrical works related to the wind farms, along with the installation of the 154 kV power transmission lines. 
With its partnership agreement with TotalEnergies, Rönesans Enerji aims to invest approximately EUR 2 billion in renewable energy in Türkiye over the next 5 years. Within this comprehensive agreement, which encompasses a total wind energy investment of 189 MW, the largest installation featuring 12 turbines with a capacity of 84 MW is scheduled for Malatya Sağıluşağı. Furthermore, the installation of 8 turbines totaling 56 MW in Çorum Osmancık and 7 turbines with a capacity of 49 MW in Sivas Kayalar will also be completed. As part of the localization efforts outlined in the ministry's contract, the turbine equipment will exhibit significant domestic content. For this project, the highest-capacity 7 MW wind turbines available commercially in Türkiye will be commissioned, with various equipment, including towers, blades, and generators, all produced within the country. The power plants, slated for installation in the provinces of Malatya, Çorum, and Sivas, with a combined installed capacity of 189 MW, are targeted to commence operations by the end of 2024. Upon the completion of these projects, the goal is to fulfill the electricity needs of approximately 380,000 households in Türkiye and prevent an estimated 370,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. 

In a recent announcement, Erman Ilıcak, President of Rönesans Holding, and İpek Ilıcak Kayaalp, Chair of the Board, expressed their unwavering commitment to securing a sustainable future. As part of this commitment, they have set a target to achieve net-zero total emissions by 2040. Additionally, by 2030, the company is dedicated to reducing emissions by 55% compared to 2022, the baseline year. 
Emphasizing the pivotal role of renewable energy investments in Rönesans Holding's journey towards achieving net-zero emissions, Emre Hatem, Vice Chair of the Board of Rönesans Enerji, stated: "This agreement represents a significant milestone in our pursuit of net-zero emissions, while actively contributing to our country's attainment of its targeted renewable capacity in wind energy.” 

Emre Hatem stated, "Currently, Rönesans Enerji boasts an installed capacity of 166 MW from its six hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) projects. With the addition of three new projects in collaboration with Nordex, our total installed capacity is set to reach 355 MW. We aim to secure a position among Türkiye's top 3 green energy companies by sustaining growth with a 100% renewable energy portfolio. Through our strategic partnership with TotalEnergies, a leading global energy player, we are taking decisive strides towards realizing our ambition of becoming one of the most influential contributors to Türkiye's green energy transformation. Rönesans Enerji remains committed to expanding with a 100% green energy portfolio, refraining from any development of fossil-based power generation plants. In conjunction with TotalEnergies, our objective is to realize approximately 7% of the green energy investments outlined in Türkiye's National Energy Plan up until 2028. These investments are anticipated to curtail the annual import of around 1 billion cubic meters of natural gas and reduce 3.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.” 

In response to the recent agreement, Patxi Landa, Chief Sales Officer of Nordex Group, commented, "We take great pride in reinforcing our position as the market leader in Türkiye. It is a source of immense satisfaction for us to contribute to Türkiye's commitment to increasing the proportion of renewables in its energy mix through the deployment of our highly efficient, new products."  
İbrahim Özarslan, Regional CEO of Nordex Europe, added: "We are delighted and honored to embark on this new business venture with Rönesans Enerji. We sincerely thank Rönesans for their tremendous trust in us. The signed YEKA WPP-3 projects hold significant importance for the localization of our N163/6.X turbine, one of our latest products, within the Turkish market. Aligned with our strategy of enhancing local production, we aim to solidify our position in the Turkish market and further orient our supply chain towards exports."